I find it harder and harder to find groups of human beings that truly live without fear, and with total abandon, and complete brazen for the sake of life.

We are all dieing. But People don’t live their lives like they’re dieing.

I always remind my self to look up at night, and to be still for a moment before eating, I try and always maintain a sense of general mind fullness, because these days its so easy to forget how
unbelievably fucking awesome this “life” is and slip into a digitally induced, wireless “fuck coma” of modern conveniences, these mind boxes most humans seem to be stuck in. They seem to enjoy it, 95% of them, finding safety in the warm fan from their wi-fi, rather then braving
the brisk sunrise out side.

Its important to hug your father, and question authority, and break the rules, and fight the “fuck coma.”

Running the Gumball is complete ANTI Fuck Coma. Its a week of forced awareness. A week of living life as an expression of art, an act of high mischievous meditation. With whipping around the earth in this craze parade, comes an obligation to not only live on the edge, but constantly challenge where that edge even is. Gumball is participatory, we are brothers and sisters in brazen. We define the edge, we gather once a year to both risk and question everything. And honest to good-grief its one of the few places in my travels where I’ve found answers. Solid answers to simple questions.

This is what god books speak of, and bearded men sit about. For them under trees and in caves, for us flying across ground, moving air, and gazing ahead, trekking the GUMBALL 3000. On little sleep, and little food, slamming high performance vehicles through time and space with complete purpose we found the singularity. The ultimate god wink. Fleeting, tear-inducing moments of complete oneness. In the presence of a group of like minded maniacs, all having come together solely to live with out rules, with out consequences, and without fear, completely in a moment, together. Acknowledged with a wink, a honk, or a flash of the high beams. Tomorrows hundreds of miles away, and yesterday a blur of emotions. This today, this now, this right here. This is what they speak of, what we’ve chased, and where we all arrived together. The Brazen brothers and sisters, our family in brave, of calamity and craze, we found what what many search for a

WATCHxWITNESS recently ran the GUMBALL3000 and took pictures to bring home as much as we could for you. LIVE LOUD, FEAR NOTHING, and EXPLORE EVERYTHING.