No brainer. While confronting fears and exploring things left of comfortable is a must for human beings experiencing what’s been phrased as “life” on this planet, it’s also a very important aspect of the EXPLORE EVERYTHING mantra. Knowing Boldy James personally, I’d say it’s safe to say we felt relatively safe under his protective guidance. The people were incredibly warm, the food rich with familial lineage, and the danger like a grim reaper tattoo. Lurking, acknowledged, befriended and so on, and such and such…

Detroit is so much more than broken concrete. She has a sense of humor and self awareness that most cites don’t. She’s a grumpy bitch, but she’s so worth it. So we danced and she showed us her wit, her tits and her deeply felt soulfulness. We will return soon, having said “see ya,” and never “goodbye.”